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Our trainers

Megan Middleton

Director and Wellness Advocate since 2020

Megan's passion is mental health. She has training in crisis intervention and enjoys using essential oils to aid in working through difficult emotions. Megan's certification in Symphony of the Cells application techniques assists in this work. Megan's favorite doTERRA oil is Balance for emotional stability.

Jennell Hicks

Manager and Wellness Advocate since 2021

Jennell is a passionate medical professional. She has worked in addiction and pain medication management for years. Essential oils aid Jennell in helping her clients to be more successful. Jennell's favorite doTERRA oil is Deep Blue for pain management.

Velvet Roark

Manager and Wellness Advocate since 2022

Velvet is a work from home mom who is passionate about essential oil education and being able to safely use oils with her children. Velvet's favorite doTERRA oils are DigestZen for stomach issues and Peppermint to assist with migraines.

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